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Queer nature-admirer currently resident in North Germoney. Don't bother following, if you profit from or advocate animal exploitation, are homo- or transphobic, racist or simply ignorant., Otherwise, i am excited about exchanging pictures and ideas with folks all across the earth and perhaps get to know people with a passion for veganism, nature, music and other things which challenge heart and soul.

Fight, fuck, laugh & cry 'til the day i die.

eternal-vegan asked: Hey, about that photo of you (I'm assuming it's you?) with the green tote bag "vegan means blablabla", where did you get that bag? I really, really want it but I can't find it anywhere, I asked Google and it didn't know where to get it either... help a vegan out here? :) Thanks!

Hi. I got it from Roots of Compassion, a german collective dedicated to veganism and animal rights. They ship worldwide, if i’m not mistaken.
They even have a english version of their site. Here is the direct link to their bag. 

German Version: 

English Version:

Also they have further cool bags and stuff, you might want to check out and make the shipping costs worthwhile. 

I hope this information is of help to you. And of course it would be awesome, if there were more people out on the streets representing veganism with clothes or cotton bags and such a statement :3

Kind regards.

grazing on the fields of the nature preserve 

grazing on the fields of the nature preserve 


hmu when people stop calling anything they find visually pleasing ‘porn’

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